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Learntec 2013

At the recent Learntec show in Karlsruhe/Germany pixel2media for the first time showed the new P.CORDER. It was the "coming out" event. The reception of the visitors of the booth was very positive.

Both educational and corporate customer were impressed by this product:

  • it is so easy to use, that everybody without any training can operate it
  • post production is not required - the presentation can immediately be uploaded to the corporate website or a video portal such as Youtube
  • production costs of elearning presentations can significantly be reduced


From left to right:
Jürgen Stelbrink (director and co-founder)
Oliver Stelbrink (system engineering)
Wolfgang Kemmler (director and co-founder)


Demo Setup

A very simple demo setup was chosen. The presenter's camera was a small camcorder (in the upper right corner of the photo above). It was a Canon HF-100, which puts out a clean Full HD (1080i50) video without any icons or frames. Instead of a notebook computer showing a powerpoint presentation, a mobile tablet computer was used as the presentation device. In specific an iPad ran a Keynote presentation, which was imported from PowerPoint. Via AirPlay the presentation was send to a small and inexpensive Apple TV receiver. Its HDMI output was connected to the notebook video input of the P.CORDER. This had a couple of advantages:

  • no wire from the presentation device to the recording system
  • a virtual laser pointer could be recorded (a little red indicator, which lights up when a finger touches the iPads display)
  • it is easy the show the slides in an out of order sequence
  • the presenter sees the current and the next slide




Press Release (German)

Please download the PDF file of the German press release.