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Live Streaming into the Internet

The P.CORDER is the perfect video composer frontend for streaming encoders, if you would like to stream a presentation live to viewers over the Internet. The P.CORDER captures the video of the presenter and the video of the (powerpoint) presentation and merges them into a single video. This video is then transferred digitally via HDMI to the live streaming encoder. This can be a miniCASTER or any other live streaming encoder.


Streaming of any presentation, conference or lecture without expert knowledge and the need for complex and expensive video/audio mixer and networking equipment. Create appealing live streams of your presentations including full motion, high definition video captured from a presenter camera.

The P.CORDER is an advanced audio/video presentation composing device. It differs from a normal A/V streaming device by the fact that it composes two audio and video streams on-the-fly into a user selectable background picture (canvas) where each video input appears as a window with user selectable sizes and positions. Beside the two live video windows the canvas also shows user defines graphics, logos and text.


Live Streaming into the corporate Intranet

Here the P.CORDER can compress the composed video into the H.264 format and send it as RTSP stream to a video streaming server on the local network.