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Key Advantages

  • No software installation required (no "screen capture") - recording in hardware
  • Supports any presentation device (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android)
  • Installation on-site in seconds - just plug in notebook, video camera and microphone(s)
  • No post production required - record and upload to website or video server
  • Add excellent audio to your presentation recording with no additional audio equipment
  • Auto detects all relevant video standards (for camera and microphone)
  • Provides great flexibility for personalizing your recording or adding your brand recognition

Key Features

  • Video inputs: 2 high definition video inputs for notebook and camera (HDMI, VGA or analog composite)
  • De-interlacing, scaling and cropping on each video input
  • Video composer: video inputs are composed into one video based on user defined templates (add logo, headline, branding, text and graphics)
  • Video outputs: one HDMI output is used for camera monitoring, one HDMI output is used to feed the composed video to a live streaming encoder, one HDMI or VGA output is used for pass through of the presentation to a projector
  • Video splitter to feed notebook input to projector output is integrated
  • Audio inputs: 4 high quality audio inputs for 2 microphones (consumer or professional) and line level stereo, and HDMI embedded digital audio
  • Audio mixer: all audio inputs are adjusted and mixed by a built-in audio mixer
  • VU meter: perfect control over live audio levels via 3 stereo meters on the front panel
  • Audio delay: an adjustable audio delay line restores lip synchronicity
  • Record many hours of high definition video to inexpensive external USB stick
  • Compact unit fits into every brief case and works out of the box
  • Silent operation (no fan and moving parts)
  • Live control via IR remote control or USB keybord