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Theory of operation

The P.CORDER is an easy to use recording appliance for the whole experience of a presentation or conference. It collects all digital and analog media from a presenter’s notebook or PC, from cameras, microphones, video player, document cameras etc. and composes it into a rich media presentation in real time. The resulting compressed presentation stream is stored on a USB memory stick or external hard disk. The P.CORDER is used in training, product demonstration, marketing, enterprises, health care, churches and other institutions where a life presentation or discussion should be preserved in an easy and efficient manner, like training sessions, company announcements, marketing communication, employee briefings, religious services and many more.

Basically, the P.CORDER takes video and audio input streams from 2 very flexible input modules and composes these into a single stream where each input is assigned to one of two windows on a user defined canvas. These windows can have any size and the video input is scaled to the corresponding window size. All audio inputs are mixed in a digital audio mixer and are re-synchronized with the output video stream with an audio delay line.


The canvas is the background image behinds the 2 video frames. It is under full user control – the composition can be changed dynamically at any time of a presentation from predefined templates. In addition the P.CORDER provides many professional features for complete supervision of the quality of the input and output content - yet it is extremely easy to use as it assumes practical standard settings for the novice and puts all relevant functions on an IR remote control. For professionals however there is all the necessary flexibility and control designed in to create an individual, convincing and at-the-edge experience.

The blue frame on the right (here 640x480 pixels) is the placeholder for the video window #1. This is the window for the powerpoint presentation with is captured live from the video output of the presenter's notebook or PC. It is directly captured from the HDMI or VGA output, which is used by the projector. This video may be scaled and cropped, before is is inserted in the placeholder.

The blue frame on the left if the placeholder for the live video of the presenter. It is captured from the analog (composite) or digital (HDMI) video output of the video camera. This video may be scaled and cropped, before is is inserted in the placeholder.


The device fits absolutely noise-less on the conference table of the meeting room – yet it provides utmost professional quality of video and audio recording from consumer devices as well as professional sources like studio cameras, microphones and pro audio/video mixing panels in High Definition Video and audio quality. While the presentation is captured and composed, the video and audio output of the presenters PC or notebook is passed through to the projector or large screen monitor. In addition every input can be individually monitored through separate video outputs on an additional monitor as well as audio inputs through a high quality headphone output. The Rich Media Composer is based on an embedded processing engine and performs all live video and audio operations in dedicated hardware including a custom media composing semiconductor. This grants extremely powerful and absolutely noiseless performance in a small box with less than 10 watt power consumption.

Two models are available:

P.CORDER mobile

A Portable Presentation Recorder with two  high definition  video inputs (HDMI and composite) and 3 high quality stereo inputs  for 2 microphones (with opt. phantom power) and  one standard line level source  (consumer or  pro. balanced level with phantom power). This device also hosts 2 HDMI outputs for monitoring the input or the composed output video and a VGA output for pass through of one video input to a projector.  The shipment includes a VGA to HDMI adapter cable for VGA output from the presenters notebook, an external power supply and an  IR remote control.

  • available February 2013

P.CORDER mobile WL

A portable Presentation Recorder with four wireless digital audio inputs. This product resembles the P-Corder Mobile with an additional built in wireless  four channel digital receiver  for up to 4 wireless microphones or 2 wireless digital stereo sources. The shipment includes a VGA to HDMI adapter cable for VGA output from the presenters notebook, an external power supply and an IR remote control.

  • available April 2013