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pixel2media GmbH develops, markets and supports an innovative line of presentation recording systems and accessories in combination with wireless digital audio links.

The German based pixel2media’s technology provides ideal solutions for capturing, compressing, recording, broadcasting, streaming and display of virtually any video source.

pixel2media’s products can be used in many applications such as electronic learning, academic education, training sessions, marketing presentations, general high resolution imaging and conferencing of any size. Furthermore they serve for any application, where effortless and instant capturing, processing, recording, sharing and replay of high resolution VGA/HDMI displays and other output of audio video sources must be shared and communicated.

pixel2media GmbH is headquartered in Denklingen, Germany close to Munich.


The company provides easy to use, efficient, reliable and high quality hardware products for high resolution video capture, compression, encoding, streaming and recording. The focus of the product line lies on making high quality recordings of presentations and public appearances available to everybody. This is archived by placing a maximum of Plug & Play intelligence into the products. 

pixel2media GmbH provides solutions which address multiple industries, some of which are summarized below:

Education, Training, Simulation
Lecture capture in schools and universities, webcasting, webinars, conferences, corporate training, podcasters and product training

Professional Audio/Video
Professional system integrators, solution and service providers and event production companies.

Continuing Medical Education, Medical training, Hospitals, physicians, equipment vendors, emergency response teams, telemedicine, remote guidance, sports teams

Surveillance and Industrial
Solid and ultra reliable solutions where merging video, audio & data from several sources into a single high definition video stream is a requirement.